The Story of Shakopee Brewhall

At Shakopee Brewhall, we have two great loves: people and beer. And depending on our thirst at the moment, it’s hard to say which we admire more. Our outstanding collection of constantly changing beers is matched only by our genuine hospitality. Pull up a stool in our historic brewhall. Because when craft meets community, good times are bound to happen.

Welcome to Shakopee! The Brewhall is grateful to be part of a community rich with history and a drive for the future. Being a part of this city.

The Brewhall starts with the team. We are a team looking forward to striking up conversation, establishing relationships and pouring a beverage at the same time! Our aim is to bring an environment to Shakopee that brings the community together, enjoy great beer and take in new experiences.

The Brewhall is nestled in a beautiful location. The opportunity to be in a building that was originally established in the 1860/70s and surrounded by a downtown strip that has an amazing past that includes the fire of 1879 and being nicknamed “Little Chicago” in prohibition times.

The Brewhall’s renovations include brick from Shakopee’s foundry (circa 1890), limestone and timbers from Shakopee’s brewery that existed in the early 1900’s – Nyssen Brewery. In addition to include proud highlights of our past, we incorporated a warm and inviting ambiance to bring families and friends together.

About the


The Brewhall aims to have an often changing and diverse tap list. With a two 12-tap towers, we intend to develop and refine a few of common (flagship) beers, but also provide a wide range of unique beers for beer connoisseurs and the citizens of Shakopee to experience!

At the Brewhall, we realize that beer is not for everyone. While there are licensing restrictions that prohibit regular access to other alcoholic beverages, we aim to have soda and cold-pressed coffee for your enjoyment as well.

You are always welcome at the Brewhall. With a beautiful park and river just down the street, a downtown strip growing with clothing stores, coffee shops and a Brewhall, bring the family down for a break from the action!

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